Autumn Weight Gain

Have you ever noticed that you tend to gain weight in the autumn? I have. I just realized that my clothes have all, quite mysteriously, shrinked while in the closet, and sure enough – I’ve actually gained a few pounds over the last weeks. And I know our society will have a fit over this, because they want us to be skinny all the time – but that’s not how nature intended it. We are supposed to gain weight in the autumn, that’s why nature gives us such sweet amounts of carbohydrates at this time of year. Fruit and berries are all designed to make us gain weight in the autumn, so that we would cope better with winter time. Autumn weight gain is a completely natural thing, and something you will experience if you start eating naturally, and by the seasons.

But, there is a «but» to this.

We would not be sitting in front of the computer all day if we lived out in nature. We would be out preparing for winter, and that would be quite a task. We’d need to hunt, we’d need to make clothes, stack up on foods that could be preserved, collect herbs and other health remedies, prepare buildings and tools… We would be active from sunrise to sunset, and we’d use up a lot of the autumn energy on doing all this.

In other words; nature provides us with exactly what we need, we just have to make sure we actually need it, even in this day and age where it takes us five minutes to «hunt» that beef or to gather those berries. Or, if we can’t do that, if we are tied to a job or to school all day long, we need to start bypassing all those tempting autumn carbs, or find some balance between activity and food intake. But beware, all of your natural instincts will keep nagging at you to have that cup of hot chocolate, to eat those delicious berries. Your body simply wants to survive the upcoming winter, and it has a good point:  This is not just about weight gain and energy, it’s also about making sure your vitamin levels are OK so you won’t get too deficient during that cold winter.

So, what you should do, is to make absolutely sure that you eat things that are good for you. Chose natural foods over candy and chips when you get those autumn cravings, and be aware of what your body seems to be desperate for. It might give you a clue as to what vitamins or minerals it needs to stack up on. Chocolate? That might be translated as magnesium. Oranges or kiwis? Vitamin C. Find out what you want, and look it up to find nutritional facts.

Another weight gain trap to look out for, is sleep deficiency. We are wired to respond to darkness and light, and when the days keep getting shorter, that has an impact of our need to sleep. And as you probably already know, the stress hormone cortisol will make you gain weight, so that if you haven’t gotten as much rest as you really need, then you might start gaining weight because of that. Stress means that you’re in danger, according to your body, and when in danger, it wants to survive.

So there you have it. Autumn weight gain is completely natural, and it happens because your body and instincts tells you to survive the upcoming winter. Stay active as much as possible, make sure your body gets enough vitamins and minerals, get enough rest and be careful with the carbs, and you should be ok. And don’t panic; come spring, your body will go in the opposite direction, and it will become much easier to lose weight again.

What are your thoughts on the subject? Do you have a brilliant way of honoring your instincts and cravings, while you make sure you don’t gain too much? Please share your thoughts in the comment field below!

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