Aquarian Full Moon Writing: Positive Freedom

This is my contribution to the writing prompt I sent out for this full moon. If you feel like joining me, come on over! 🙂

Positive Freedom

She was standing on a beach, barefooted in the warm, wet sand. She could feel her feet soaking up energy from the earth, and as she stood there, she felt so deeply connected to Mother Earth herself. In front of her was the endless ocean, stretching out in front of her like she felt deep in her bones that her future was. Above her, the blue sky, carrying the promise of sunny days and divine blessings.

And she was happy. She took a long, deep breath of the crispy, salty air, knowing that this was exactly where she needed to be at this moment. And as she slowly exhaled, she released all the tension she had built up getting to this place through her hands and down into the earth beneath her feet. She was there. She was home. She had made it.

From the cabin behind her, she could hear laughter and little feet running around. It was her daughter playing happily with her father and the new baby who had just arrived, only a few months earlier. She was free now, free to heal from the pregnancy and the birth, and free to enjoy motherhood without feeling burned out from having to act like an extrovert, now that everything had changed. It was truly a blessing, and it had all begun with her connecting to her creative goddess side. Who knew that it would bring her to this wonderful place? Her heart sang with happiness.

It was so different from the last time. That had been beautiful, too, no doubt about that, but her decision to be a stay-at-home-mom had nearly killed her emotionally and financially back when her oldest was new in this world. She had felt so trapped that last year, not being able to go anywhere on account of being constantly broke, and feeling lonely because her sweetheart had to work overtime as often as he could, just to keep the bills at bay.

It wasn’t like that anymore, thank Goddess. Her writing and her creative projects had brought in more than enough for him to quit his job, and that had freed up enough time for him to dive into his own creative projects, and for them both to enjoy some really good quality time together as a happy family. She could see it in his smile, hear it in her daughter’s laughter, that every decision she had made leading up to this point had been the right one for them all.

And this, she knew with every fiber of her being, looking out on the blue horizon, was only the beginning. Her true life had just begun.

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  1. Just discovered your blog, and I think we have the almost the exact same dream of positive freedom! My writing has been neglected of late, I may have to follow your next prompt and see where it takes me…

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