8 Wonderful Ways to be Wild

Have dinner for breakfast

Hey, if my body needs beef, it needs beef. It doesn’t care what time it is or that cereals would normally be considered the way to go. In fact, it gets ill from cereals. Don’t need it.

Go to the movies alone

Who needs to have company to watch a movie? Besides; you won’t get bothered by that person sitting beside you, crunching away at his crisps in all the wrong places.

Have a Home with Healthy Child Day once in a while

Teaching your kids that the only really good reason to stay home from kindergarten/school/work is if you puke blood and have 30 of your bones crushed, is a terrible idea. Stress related health problems? No thanks. You’ll be so much better off too, after a day bonding with your kid.

Decide Not To

I have a schedule, of course I do. I have lectures I should be attending, I have gym classes I should go to… Only… I don’t believe in «shoulds». Most of the time, I learn better from reading a book in my bed without ever getting up. And a long walk in the woods beats Zumba any day. Except if it’s raining and I don’t have dry boots. Or if my body’s simply telling me that it’d be better off in a hot bath instead.

Eat wildly on Saturdays

Where I come from, Saturday Candy is a tradition. The kids will get a big paper bag of candy, and after dinner (pizza, most likely), potato chips, dip, soda and whatnot will be placed on the table for everyone to stuff in until they are tired, nauseous, have belly cramps and a really bad conscience. It’s just plain stupid. Last Saturday, I made up a lovely dish of berries instead of candy. My kid was happy as sunshine. I felt healthy and rejuvenated when I went to bed. A much better idea.

Eat wildly, period

Listening to what your body needs is vital. You’re an animal, plain and simple. If it doesn’t grow on trees, bushes or on the ground, or if it cannot be fetched and killed with a spear, it doesn’t need it. All that other stuff? That’s withdrawal from cultural imposed junk, and you need to heed the call of the wild and wean.

Take off for a walk without knowing where you’ll end up

Have an unexplored forest somewhere in your area? Pick a path, any path, and see where it takes you. Have someone else pick up the kids as you may not back in time. Make sure you’re appointment free, and just walk. Or run. Or climb. Whatever your body and heart call you to do, for as long as they need to.

Ditch the watch

OK, sometimes you need to know what time it is, as the rest of the world seem to rely on it and you need to respect other people’s time. But sometimes you don’t, and then you don’t have to. You can sleep when tired. Take a bath in the middle of the night. Go for a walk under the full moon, or go to bed at 2pm. Trust that your body knows what to do (providing that you’re weaned from all abstinence symptoms, of course), and do what you need to do, when you need to do it. Sometimes we get so hung up on the watch that we forget to listen.

How about you? Do you have any wonderfully wild ways? Please, do share! 🙂

Creative Commons License photo credit: zenera

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0 thoughts on “8 Wonderful Ways to be Wild

  1. Great article!
    My husband and I have been married 2 months now, and my first and biggest rule for our first home together was this: no phones or computers and DEFINITELY no clocks in our bedroom. We can hear the alarms we set that go off in the living room, and this way, we don’t roll over every 90 seconds when we aren’t as tired as we «should» be to find that it’s late and now we’ll only get 4.75 hours of sleep or some nonsense. We sleep better when we don’t know how late (or early) it is, and we can talk or read until we’re tired enough to sleep, without stress!!!!

    1. I love that idea!!! 😀 Forced sleep is such a nightmare – pun intended. It’s much better to just listen to the body and forget about the rest. 🙂

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